The Secret of Hurricanes, a Novel. MacAdam Cage, 2002.
Paterson Fiction Prize Finalist

Creative Non Fiction/Essays/Reviews:

Review of Memory Sickness.  Chattahoochee Review.  2011.

"What Writing Program Critics Don't Know."  Talking Writing.  2011

Marshmallow Clouds and Kool-Aid Wine.  Talking Writing.   June 2011

This Girl's Life.  Talking Writing.  April 2011

The Study Carrel.  Talking Writing.  March 2011

Lawrence's Apples.   Talking Writing.  February 2011

"On Writing."  Talking Writing.  January 2011.

“If You Saw Me Holding His Hand.” Releasing Times. May 2006

“The One Thing I Would Most Like You to Know About Me.” Releasing Times. July 2006.

Short Fiction:

"Uncle June."  Midwestern Gothic.  Fall 2011.

"1956."  5 x 5.  Summer 2011.

"The Ghost."  Danse Macabre.  September 2011.

"Cleanliness."  Prime Number.  July 2011.

"Autopsy."  State of Imagination.  Forthcoming in July.

"The World in Red."  The SunSeptember 2010.

"Trash." The Sun. September 2007.

“The Falls.” The Sun. July 2005.

“Rose’s.” The Sun. January 2005.

"Jane." The Sun. April 2004

"Blue Velvis." The Sun. August 2004.
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
Reprinted in The Mysterious Life of the Heart

"Easy Street." Hunger Mountain: The Vermont College Journal of Arts and Letters. #3. Fall 2003.

"Lydia's Gift." Sulphur River Literary Review. Vol. XVII. Number 1. Fall 2000

"Snow in the South, 1965: The Toxic White." Sulphur River Literary Review. Vol. XVII.
Number 1. Fall 2000.

Selection from "A Short History of Loneliness in the '60s." Seems. Number 33. 1999.

"Rewriting the Last Supper." The Chattahoochee Review. Summer 1994. Vol. XIV. Number 4.

Poetry Chapbook: 
The Galaxy to Ourselves.  Forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.  Finalist, New Women's Voices Series Competition.


like reading bruno schulz.  the new poet

unexpectedly alone.  lingerpost.

hermitary.  peripheral surveys

"In the Heart of 'In the Heart of the Heart of the Country.'"  Forthcoming in qarrtsilunli

"mise en scene."  Forthcoming in Liquid Imagination

"18 july."  Twelve Stories.

"the living dead."  Twelve Stories.

"bird meditation, 17 september."  Forthcoming in Thrush.

"millions of eyes, henning."  with artwork.  Ink, Sweat, and Tears.

"behold the minotaur."  with artwork.  qarrtsiluni

"the book of ann."  with artwork.  Rufous City Review.

"olympia, dear jim."  with artwork.  Infinity's Kitchen

"Beto Junction Truckstop."  Haibun Today.  September 2011.

Poem.  Forthcoming in Gargoyle.

"Letters to a Far Planet."  Up the Staircase Quarterly.  September 2011

"Memorial Day."  Contemporary Haibun 12.  (paper, reprint).

"Letters to a Far Planet:  1-8"  The Prose Poem Project.

"Pomeroy:  The Venice of Ohio." THIS Magazine.

"Once and for All."  Contemporary Haibun Online.  April 2011

"In Repair."   Contemporary Haibun Online. April 2011.

"Taos Pueblo."  Contemporary Haibun Online. April 2011.

"One Bluegill Among the Minnows."  Forthcoming in Lilliput Review.

"Another Cast."  Notes from the Gean.  March 2011.

"Cristo with Mourning Figures."  Haibun Today.  March 2011. 

"First Time on a River With Locks."  Haibun Today.  March 2011.

"The First Cold Nights."  Frogpond.  Winter 2010.

"Out There."  Contemporary Haibun Online.  December 2010.

"Chief Taholah Days."  Contemporary Haibun Online.  December 2010.

"Let Death Happen."  Forthcoming in anthology, Dreams Wander On.

"The Graveyard in Derby," Haibun Today.  Volume 4, Number 4, December 2010

"River Coal," Notes from the Gean.  Volume 2, Issue 3.  December 2010

"The Galaxy to Ourselves,"  Contemporary Haibun Online.

"I Keep Thinking About the West."  Forthcoming in Fraglit.  Theme:  Letters

"Tonight."  Fraglit.  Issue #7.  Theme:  Solitude, Fall 2010

 "Spring Passage, May,"  Notes from the Gean.  September 2010

"Baba Yaga in the 21st Century."  Miriam's Well.

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Tanka.  Miriam's Well.  May 2010.

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"I Am the Zookeeper." Segue 8.  2009.

"The Zookeeper's Loss." Segue 8.  2009.

"Late September." Paterson Literary Review. #27. 1996.
Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize Finalist

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"Captain America, Alive and Well During the Gulf War." Viet Nam Generation. Volume 6, Numbers 1-2. 1994

*Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center Residency
* $10,000 Individual Excellence Award in Fiction, Ohio Arts Council.
* Pushcart Prize nominee for fiction
* Friends of Library Award in recognition of Secret of Hurricanes, BGSU
* Paterson Fiction Prize Finalist, The Secret of Hurricanes
* Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize finalist
* Devine Award for Fiction, BGSU
* Master Teacher Award Nominee

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
Winter Wheat Festival, BGSU
Northwest Ohio Writers Forum, Toledo, OH
Visiting Writers Series, East Carolina University
Women’s Book Club, Albany, NY
Southern Festival of Books, Nashville
Wright State University